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Can Babysitting Grandchildren Prevent Dementia?

2 older adults sitting on a sofa at home and playing with their grandchild

Mental health and cognitive well-being are crucial factors that can dictate the quality of life in the golden years. Whether loved ones live alone or in senior communities, it’s only natural for family members to seek ways to keep them active and engaged.  Evidence suggests that staying socially active and engaged through varied activities like […]

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What Are the Differences? Memory Care vs. Assisted Living

A group of seniors sitting around a breakfast table, eating and interacting with each other.

When it comes to senior living, there are many options available. Some of the most popular options are memory care and assisted living. While both provide a safe and secure environment for seniors, there are some key differences between the 2.  Memory care is designed for those with memory impairments like Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, […]

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Benefits of Respite Care for Seniors & Caregivers

A woman sleeping and relaxing on a comfortable sofa. Having a break from a demanding role as a caregiver.

When a senior can no longer safely care for themselves due to developing severe memory loss or something like that, a family member or close friend often steps into the role of caregiver. Providing 24/7 care can become overwhelming, especially for someone without training. This is where a service, such as respite care, comes in. […]

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