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Can Babysitting Grandchildren Prevent Dementia?

2 older adults sitting on a sofa at home and playing with their grandchild

Mental health and cognitive well-being are crucial factors that can dictate the quality of life in the golden years. Whether loved ones live alone or in senior communities, it’s only natural for family members to seek ways to keep them active and engaged.  Evidence suggests that staying socially active and engaged through varied activities like […]

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How to Move a Dementia Patient Into a Nursing Home

A young woman helping her senior father carry boxes.

Moving a loved one with dementia into a senior living community can be a challenging and emotional process. Remember, this decision is made out of love and care, not a lack of it. Transitioning to senior living can be positive, as professionals can provide quality care.  When considering a community, do your research to see […]

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How to Help Someone With Memory Loss

a drawn image of a young person supporting a senior. the senior has a thought bubble with squiggle lines in it, representing memory loss

Memory loss is common when older adults develop dementia or other cognitive troubles. As memory loss worsens, your loved one will likely need more support and help with daily tasks and activities. How can you help your loved one as they deal with memory loss?  Continue reading to learn more about memory loss, including what’s […]

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Does Dementia Affect the Immune System?

a senior with dementia receives support from a carer

When we get older, we are at higher risk of developing memory loss conditions called dementia. Navigating both the mental and physical challenges dementia presents can be an immense task. Knowing how to overcome those challenges can better equip caregivers to help their loved ones. While dementia primarily affects brain function, it’s essential to understand […]

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