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10 Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease

An elderly man stands by the window, gazing into the distance outside, choosing to be in solitude and distancing himself from others.

Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive brain disorder that slowly reduces memory and thinking skills, ultimately leading to the inability to carry out simple day-to-day tasks. Some warning signs are well-known, such as memory loss, while others seem unrelated, including mood disruptions. The common warnings for Alzheimer’s include these 10 signs: Alzheimer’s affects millions worldwide, making […]

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When to Move from Assisted Living to Memory Care

A young man helping a senior man move cardboard boxes in a living room.

Assisted living communities are designed for seniors who need help with daily tasks such as bathing, dressing, and medication management. These communities provide a sense of community and support for older adults who may require some assistance but want to maintain their independence.  However, there may come a time when the services offered in assisted […]

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What Are the Differences? Memory Care vs. Assisted Living

A group of seniors sitting around a breakfast table, eating and interacting with each other.

When it comes to senior living, there are many options available. Some of the most popular options are memory care and assisted living. While both provide a safe and secure environment for seniors, there are some key differences between the 2.  Memory care is designed for those with memory impairments like Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, […]

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How to Move a Dementia Patient Into a Nursing Home

A young woman helping her senior father carry boxes.

Moving a loved one with dementia into a senior living community can be a challenging and emotional process. Remember, this decision is made out of love and care, not a lack of it. Transitioning to senior living can be positive, as professionals can provide quality care.  When considering a community, do your research to see […]

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How Does Alzheimer’s Affect Daily Living Activities?

A senior man having trouble focusing on the contents of his laptop which could be a sign of Alzheimer's.

Alzheimer’s disease is a neurological disorder that affects an individual’s cognitive ability and functional independence. This form of memory impairment is the most common form of dementia, and can directly impact all aspects of a person’s life.  Whether you have a parent or a loved one with Alzheimer’s, it’s important to know the signs of […]

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Does Parkinson’s Affect Memory?

A senior woman with short gray hair holding a cane smiling with wrinkles around her eyes and mouth.

Parkinson’s disease is a neurological condition that primarily causes physical symptoms, such as trouble walking or maintaining balance or trouble with chewing and swallowing. However, many people develop mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and eventually dementia; both lead to memory loss, among other cognitive problems. A person likely won’t need any special care immediately after they […]

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Can Running Keep Alzheimer’s at Bay?

Elderly couple jogging together in the woods

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia, affecting over 6 million Americans. It is a memory disease that can significantly impact someone’s daily life, making it difficult to perform everyday tasks and properly care for their health.  Alzheimer’s cannot be cured, but treatment options like exercising have been known to deliver positive results […]

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